Using videos that explain specific topics for students is a good way for interaction between students and instructor. For example, there are lessons that could not be explained efficiently at class room for example, teaching students how write codes. So if the instructor prepares a few minutes video and make it available to students this could hep students up and running with coding skills.
There are many situations in classes I took before when I just got lost. However, if the instructor uses videos to explain these stuff, it would be more efficient and easier for students.

Creating a budget

I enjoy teaching individuals to create a budget, in the specific realm of operating a chapter of a student organization, because the general concepts can be applied to personal finances but can become more difficult in this context. In a basic budget, you need to identify your incoming funds and anticipate your outgoing funds to a relatively good degree of certainty. In a personal budget, your income is considered “fixed” (assumption: you are paid through a salaried position), so you must adjust how much you spend to affect your carry-over amount. In the context of a club, your income can come from outside sources as well as dues from members. There is a good amount of variance which can come into play depending on any grants you receive and how many members decide to pay dues. On the outgoing side of the budget, your costs can come in two types: per person costs, and single time costs.

Spiritual Expression Through Carnal Imagery

It was a presentation done by Dr. Bette Talvacchia that compared different artists to one another; Michael Angelo, Daniel de Volterra and others and showed how they worked off of each others ideas and also showed the different perspectives they shared in their work in relaying Biblical stories.

Slavery and Genocide are Real

As a child you are taught that America is great! You are innocent. But as an African American women, there is apart of my history that greatly involves my ancestors. I did not know about slavery until I was in the tenth grade. I learned the real truths of Manifest Destiny and Cotton expansion. Those fundamental lessons taught me that there is a massive amount of information and to always explore despite the results questioning what you believe.

Observing the moon phases

In class (elementary age) I would pull up a website to discuss the progression of visual changes, encouraging the students to make nightly outside observations of the changes. I also sent home information if the students would like to get on the website to extend their time and understanding of the night sky.

Favorite activity

I just moderated my first class debate. Two teams of seven researched a historical cincept and debated whether it was an appropriate activity for people in the field. My nervousness went away after the first two speakers.