Integrating Technology into Lessons on Budgeting

Building a budget necessitates a competency for dealing with a large amount of numbers and understanding how a single change can affect the bottom line. Although there are many tools one can use to keep the numbers straight and to visualize the effects of changing values of income and expenditures, a spreadsheet can be one of the most approachable and useful. I suggest that providing a template (with locked cells, except for certain inputs) sheet through Google docs or Microsoft OneDrive, can allow the learner to play with the fields in question to observe how certain inputs affect the budget and can observe the equations which drive the arithmetic on the back end. Additionally, if completed through Google docs, students would be able to open the side chat window to facilitate discussion between peers or the learners and teachers. If no other users are online at the time, a comment may be left to be answered and referenced later.


Guests are an important part of my class. This semester, I’m adding out-of-town speakers. Y getting them on Skype, the class can them and the guests can see the students.

Facebook group for class

Some of classes, the students have made a Facebook group to discuss and share information regarding the class.
It was an efficient way for communication between students.
However, I think if instructors become incorporated in such activity it would be more efficient.